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Es Xarcu

Sant Josep • 38.879791, 1.314400 • Ibiza

Beautiful seafood serving restaurant Es Xarcu is located at the very south of the island, where it offers the most picturesque and calming views of the wide spreading ocean below. The unspoiled cove in which the terraced restaurant is positioned makes for a beautiful romantic evening where you can watch the boats mill gently in and out of the harbour.

This family run restaurant’s ethos is one which seeks to provide its customers with the best standard of care, taking into account your every wish, wants and dietary requirements. Es Xarcu prides itself on its authentic seafood cuisine, made with the freshest ingredients, sourced directly from the harbour in which it sits.

Serving a beautiful array of seafood platter starters which range from smaller fish such as anchovies, to more exotic dishes such as baby squid and oysters, Es Xarcu will provide you with a truly divine menu from the very beginning of your stay, right through to the end, where the desert menu is just as divine. Es Xarcu’s selection of deserts, offers you the freshest of fruit dishes, accompanied by thick and luscious creams and dark chocolate sauces to tickle your taste buds.

Es Xarcu’s flavoursome mains are pure luxury. Offering larger seafood meals and meaty mains, along with delicious stews, soft rice and paella dishes cooked to perfection. Whilst every dish that Es Xarcu has to offer is bursting with flavour, the restaurant is notorious for its fresh red prawns and hand carved Spanish Ham. These two dishes are not only full of flavour and cooked to perfection, but presented beautifully, which only adds to the surrounding picture perfect scenery and ambience the restaurant exudes.

The drinks menu is just as luxurious here at Es Xarcu. With a wide selection of local wines, aged to perfection, Es Xarcu provides you with the perfect accompaniment to any one of their speciality meals.

With its succulent seafood menu, picturesque surroundings and calming atmosphere, there is no wonder as to why Es Xarcu’s reviews and ratings are sky high. Receiving no less than a four star from every customer, Es Xarcu is sure to provide you with the most magical of evenings all round.

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