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Chezz Gerdi

Formentera • 38.732029, 1.461169 • Balearic Islands

The stunning and sleek restaurant of Chezz Gerdi is located in the north of Formentera. The restaurant’s grey washed walls and creamy neutrals are juxtaposed delightfully with its pebbled areas and astro turf lawns to create a Formenteran paradise. Magnificent bleached wood makes up the rustic yet sophisticated furniture which sits within the restaurant’s elegant interiors as well as outside on its sun-soaked terrace. Enjoy a sparkling glass of champagne as you relax and take in the picturesque and panoramic views of Formentera’s mystical coastline that Chezz Gerdi has to offer. Indulge in some of the finest cocktails and delicious cuisine within the lounge bar which serves a delightful combination of Spanish and Italian cuisine.

Chezz Gerdi employs a terrific team of professionals, ranging from fabulous chefs and pizza experts, to magnificent mixologists and a sommelier with their own wine cellar. Taking its raw ingredients from Spain, Italy and the island of Formentera itself, Chezz Gerdi’s professionals work to create innovative and sensational dishes designed to entice all five senses.

Grilled meats such as pork, chicken and beef are served with delectable taste. Flaky fish dishes are cooked to perfection, along with other seafood favourites such as prawns and shrimp, muscles and oysters and octopus and squid. Homemade pastas are simply exquisite. Made with squid’s ink and other high quality ingredients, Chezz Gerdi has a range of pasta based dishes to tickle your taste buds.

In keeping with the Italian theme and arguably the heart of the restaurant, are the pizzas. Made with the best ingredients which are not only packed full of flavour, but sourced locally and produced organically, Chezz Gerdi’s top pizza chef, specialising in home made artisan pizza, creates authentic Italian flavours to top mouth watering pizzas, which some consider to be the best on the island.

Chezz Gerdi’s drinks menu is equally as delightful. Chill out in the cool cocktail bar and sip creative drinks made with are and expertise. Relax in the comfortable chill out zone, furnished with the most luxurious and soft sofas and beds whilst you taste some of the finest champagne the island has to offer.

The restaurant comes complete with its own wine cellar, whose extensive wine list is truly wonderful. Ponder over which wine to accompany your meal with the help of a sommelier whose expert advise can help you choose which of the best Italian, Spanish, French and Formenterran wines will accompany the meal you choose the best. The restaurant is also home to its own exclusive organic red wine, produced in the Penedes.

The fabulous flow of luxurious drinks doesn’t end there, however. Enjoy cool Italian beer whilst taking in the beautiful views; sip beautiful cavas and champagnes as you watch the sun go down and choose from an extensive range of liquor to make the Chezz Gerdi experience even more special.

Being the heart and soul of Formentera, the Chezz Gerdi Boutique experience is truly exclusive and one you will never forget. Lounge around and enjoy luxurious evenings with quirky touches such as the live jazz on Fridays and Sundays as well as the luxurious yacht pick up service the restaurant has to offer.

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