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Beso Beach

Formentera • 38.739528, 1.430305 • Balearic Islands

Formentera’s southern beach, Cavall d’en Borras is home to the beautiful little restaurant, Beso. Situated near the entrance to the port of Formentera, the restaurant can be easily spotted due to its branded letter B which is painted on the roof.

The restaurant offers some of the most wonderful Mediterranean cuisine in true gastronomy style. Sourcing their ingredients locally and producing them organically, Beso Beach restaurant is able to provide sumptuous dishes which are packed full of flavour and character. As well as offering some of the finest traditional dishes, Beso Beach also proudly and creatively merges Mediterranean cuisine with the nuances of the Basque, which creates innovative flavour and curious textures to make eyes light up and mouths water.

The chefs at Beso Beach restaurant ensure each dish is organic and GMO free. There is no need for additives or sweeteners when the restaurant can get their hands on the most delicious, raw and natural flavours on the island.

In the evenings, Yango Urban Foods are available to try down on the beach. Some of his creative and sensual tastes include takes on classic and favourite foods. The international style hot dog, for example, is a favourite among visitors; soft and sumptuous and packed full of flavour, be sure to try one before the a la carte menu returns for dinner later on.

Now notorious for its fabulous food and laid back atmosphere, Beso Beach restaurant has become one of the most fashionable restaurants on the island of Formentera. Its festivities start around lunch time with fabulous flamenco dancers, local musicians and partying which only extends through the night. This energetic and unexpected entertainment is a magnet for the hipster crowd who stay late on into the night.

Beso Beach restaurant provides beautiful, bouncy and brilliant beach bar vibes with a touch of sophistication, elegance and class. Lay back in the evening and watch as the palm lined roof sways softly with the force of the gentle breeze. Fabulous views of the A List’s favourite beach can be seen from Beso Beach restaurant as guests dine Al Fresco.

The chill out music which drifts softly in and out of chattering guests’ ears will subconsciously relax and calm each guest as they enjoy the romantic sunset in the evening and the restaurant’s natural and weathered décor only enhances the rustic charm of the place, making Beso Beach a true Mediterranean escape.

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