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El Pirata

Formentera • 38.911814, 1.435202 • Balearic Islands

This quaint little restaurant, EL Pirata sits upon Formentera’s famous Ses Illettes beach and serves some of the most beautiful seafood the little island has to offer. The spacious area is comprised of an indoor restaurant which opens onto the wooden decking on the sand. Both areas are laden with large wooden tables and matching rustic chairs which overlook the sparkling sea.

Spanish and Mediterranean classic dishes can be found at this family run fish restaurant, along with recipes which have been passed down generations for over 30 years. Some favourites include their selection of Paella dishes; sumptuous seafood paellas, tender meat dish paellas and tasty spicy vegetable paellas alike all provide guests with luxurious dishes and high standard of food, whilst retaining the little island’s authentic and rustic charm. The restaurant’s range of tortillas are also popular among tourists and locals. With a selection of different filings ranging from salty seafood like prawns, monkfish and seabass; sumptuous meats such as pork, chicken and beef; as well as spicy and salty vegetable tortillas, El Pirata has something for everyone.

The restaurant is also perfect for large groups as its sharing platters are simply to die for. Huge plates of flakey fish, cooked to perfection are served with juicy vegetables and extra spice. Meat platters with succulent cuts of pork, beef, lamb and of course chicken are served on a bed of leafy greens, and the vegetable dishes are sourced locally, produced organically and come either steamed or grilled.

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, however, EL Pirata also has a wonderful range of crispy fresh salads as well as tasty tapas dishes. Opt for a snack at the bar whilst you enjoy some of the most thirst quenching fresh juices or other soft drinks. Being one of the most popular bars in Formentera, EL Pirata’s range of cocktails gets mouths watering and the wine list which accompanies the seafood based menu is simply divine.

The atmosphere is one of both relaxation and fun, with cheery waiters who provide the best service and a repertoire of chill tunes playing throughout the day and into the night; creating a laid back yet lively ambiance. It’s pirate flag protruding proudly from the roof lets visitors know of its location, as otherwise it would be a little difficult to get to.

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