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Es Torrent

San Jose • 38.883231, 1.313071 • Ibiza

This little beach bar and restaurant is located in the very south of the island and sits directly upon the sands of the beach with the same name.

Inspired by the timeless Italian concept; “Il dolce far niente”, meaning “Being lazy”, Es Torrent is designed to take any stresses and strains that may follow you around, away. The quaint and rustic little restaurant is designed to appeal to all five senses; therefore the only music the restaurant plays is the natural sound of the ocean lapping against the soft shores. The terrace in which the outdoor tables lay is shaded by gorgeous Juniper trees and extends out into the more sunny areas in which a guest can watch the sunset.

Serving predominantly seafood, this luscious little place is famous for its shrimp dishes. The sumptuous appetisers of clams and oysters along with other vegetable based dishes are simply divine and are sure to start the meal off perfectly.

The mains menu is laden with more beautiful seafood, serving beautiful crispy crab, muscles and squid dishes, along with other fish dishes such as whitebait, seabass and salmon. The restaurant’s side dishes of steamed vegetables and hand cut chips accompany these dishes perfectly to balance the palette and satisfy the stomach.

For light bites and lunchtime meals, Restaurant Es Torrent serves wonderful fresh salads, crusty bread with olive oil and a wide selection of dips.

As well as wonderful seafood, this restaurant also served a selection of grilled meats such as chicken breasts and steaks, along with some vegetarian dishes.

The drinks menu is equally as divine. Refreshing juices and funky cocktails are served at the bar and beautiful wines are the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful evening meal.

As the restaurant is on the beach, it is popular with the beach-goers. This can mean that they place fills up fairly quickly and so is best to book a table in advance if you’re wanting to spend the evening there.

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