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The details

So now that you are settled on a destination, activities you are planning to do, time of year to go, length of charter, number of guests, and type of yacht, how far in advance do you need to book? How to make sure that you get exactly what you expect?


When to book?

The most important question is to hit the best window for getting your first choice? Keep in mind that, like any other vacation, chartering over the holidays, spring break, and other events such as the Monaco Grand Prix makes for the high-demand season. If the timing and the yacht are both important, book a year in advance. If you are flexible with both dates and the yacht, we will be able to find a yacht for you.

For any Ibiza charters, the prime months are July and August. Multiple day charters for Ibiza based yachts should be ideally booked from March to May. Day charters can be booked either in advance or on the day. Last minute bookings normally grant a small discount, nevertheless and especially in peak season it is likely that you won’t be able to choose the yacht you love. During the last years the trend is to book new and stylish yachts and these tend to get booked up at least 4-6 weeks in advance.



Depending on how high- or low-profile you and your guests like to live, privacy should not be of concern. The entire yachting industry is built on privacy. For example, builders usually don’t share who the owner of a yacht is, nor do the brokers or crew. Oftentimes, yacht builders are required to sign an NDA to ensure privacy of the person commissioning the yacht. This can extend to those chartering as well. Discretion is key to the charter business, but if you are worried about exposure we have an NDA prepared. The choice is up to you.



Once you have decided which yacht you would like to charter when, we will ask about all of your group’s preferences, such as special dietary needs, favorite foods, drinks to have on hand, what you like to snack on, and so on. It is also the time to nail down some of the activities you all would like to take part in. Depending on your preference, we can prepare the perfect itinerary, be it staying in one cove and dive and fish all day? Or a treasure hunt for the kids on board. The choice is completely yours, but you do need to give the crew a heads-up so they know what to be prepared for. The super yachts include WiFi, so even during your holidays you don’t have to leave your email, Netflix, Facebook, and favorite online gaming behind, allowing you to keep in touch as much or as little as you would like.


Kids on board

Charter yachts are often viewed as adult playgrounds, and that image is supported by brochures showing couples sipping champagne or dressed elegantly for dinner. But that’s only one side of the charter coin.

The flip side is that a yacht charter is a wonderful family vacation, and one that is far more fun than a week at Disney World or on a cruise ship. Granted, not every yacht is “child-friendly” but growing numbers have gone to great lengths to develop reputations for being “pro-child” and we can advise you on the ones your family will love.

Whilst kids always have to be under the surveillance of an adult, child-friendly crews understand that the parents may like to have some private time of their own, whether it’s to walk on a beach by themselves, curl up with a book, or to spend some time behind closed doors.

Aboard one yacht, that is when some of the crew takes the youngsters on an adventure to leave the adults alone. The crew’s job is never to be a 24/7 babysitter, but they can plan kid-specific diversions.

If you’re choice is not a super yacht, with a large crew, we can still provide a professional nanny at any times, just keep in mind that the nanny counts as a guest on board.

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