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Choosing your charter

It seems to be totally natural to associate Ibiza with Yacht charter. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day or more on the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean. Every summer you see photos of sunglassed celebrities lounging on sun pads whilst sipping a crisp pink on the sun deck on one of these large white yachts anchored in front of one of the hot spots of the season. Who would not want to be in that position?

Nevertheless a yacht charter can be so much more than that. You may enjoy water sports, such as the already traditional Jet Ski, or maybe explore the underwater fauna and flora on a seabob, or maybe a more chilled session of Yoga on a paddle board?

Dreamboats can help you to explore the ocean adventure of your dreams, whether you look for something glamourous, adventurous, wellness-focused, or just plain fun, there is a yacht charter vacation that is right for every body and all is within easy reach.

It all starts with one day out at sea to get you hooked, and if this is your first contact with yachting, rest assured, we have you covered.

The first step to create your perfect holiday is to determine how long you would like to spend on a yacht?

If you want to spend the day and get a peek into yacht chartering, we would need to know how many friends will join you. Charter yachts are generally licensed for up to 12 guests, if you host a larger group, then we would have to offer you an events yacht, or a tandem charter. Day charters generally start around 11am and they are estimated to last for 8 hours roughly. Most day charter yachts are not licensed for dusk or dawn or night time navigation and therefore you will be back in port before it gets dark. Extra on top of the day charter rate is only the fuel consumed during the day. We have prepared several routes for you for a magnificent day charter experience in Ibiza with a fuel calculation included.

For multiple day charters, we are the perfect partner for you. As brokers, adhering to the global MYBA guidelines, the yachting industry’s technical and ethics guide, we can guide you through all the options and steer you towards crews that may be better with families, or know how to throw the best beach bash or recommend the chef who specialized in your favorite food. As a broker we will help you giving your charter a personal touch, without favoring a certain vessel due to personal interest.

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