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Toys, toys toys – Water Toys

Ibiza’s permanently warm climate, the mild water temperatures and the generally ideal weather conditions make Ibiza the perfect spot to try any of the in-vogue water toys. As an addition to your luxury yacht charter, water toys are the perfect addition to any luxury holiday.

Seabobs, Flyboarding, Jetpacking or Hoverboarding…activities that make you feel like special agent 007.

No matter if you are with a group of friends or the only one fancying some sport activity, water toys can be arranged either for the whole day or by the hour.

Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jetpack are activities powered by a Jetski and always with instructor. Either a half day, full day or rendezvous with your luxury yacht, timings are flexible and all instructors speak at least English and Spanish. It’s recommended to plan at least for 15 minutes per person to get going.

A Flyboard is a Snowboard-shaped, the idea is to stand on it meanwhile you are propelled straight out of the water, enabling you to stand in the sky, the more advanced users are able to perform gracious pirouettes meanwhile diving in and out of the sea. Look out for some of the Flyboard Shows that are offered by specialists around the island.

Similar to the Flyboard a Hoverboard allows you to either stand sideways or sit on the board like a witch riding on her broomstick through the skies.

A Jetpack is the real James Bond toy, a backpack propelled through the jetski shoots the adventurous user into the blue.

Due to Unesco World Heritage Natural Park of Ses Salines, the use of Jetski powered water toys is not possible within the confines of the park.

A seabob is rented by day, it’s a luxury water toy and perfect complement for a day on the water. The Torpedo shaped toy propels you through the turquoise blue waters and invites you to discover the submarine water life. Adjust your goggles and surprise the fish with the amazing underwater speed you are able to pick up.


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