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Make a plan!

Once you know when and where you’re headed, the most important question is how many people will you be traveling with and how is your group structured? What level of service do you expect and how do you picture your perfect yacht?


The Layout

Most charter yachts are certified to carry 12 guests plus crew, nevertheless this doesn’t necessarily imply that there are 6 cabins. Many yachts have five cabins, with a large Master, two VIP cabins and another two twin cabins, that each feature a Pullman bed, so in total the yacht can sleep up to 12 guests in 5 cabins. It could be ideal, if you are traveling with kids to choose a yacht with cabins designed for kids bunking together with either twin beds or actual bunk beds, or they may feature a Pullman bed in addition to the regular berth if you want to sleep three people together. Nevertheless, if you are planning on a couple vacation, every couple may need a cabin to themselves.

If you plan to vacation with more than 12 guests, your holiday will turn into a more expensive experience as you will need a PYC- or SOLAS-class yacht, which is licensed for up to 36 passengers. Thanks to our access to MYBA Yachtfolio we can help you located these yachts at any time and assist you with all the details.

Don’t forget to include in your count any personal assistants, babysitters, or other security guards.


The Crew

A very important aspect of every yacht charter is of course as well the crew. The amount of crew members is largely depending on the yacht. In Ibiza most of the smaller day charter yachts only include the skipper. Whilst the skipper will undertake his best effort to provide you with the best experience, his main duty is navigation and security of the vessel. Starting from around 50” a stewardess is included for a more luxurious experience.

Super yachts have more crew, depending on the size of the vessel, the amount of crew may exceed by far the number of guests on board. Many yachts have very specialized crew able to teach yoga, give massages, and style your hair, while others may make the meanest cocktails on the water right after they teach you how to sail. The level and type of service you are looking for varies with each yacht.


The Type of Yacht

Another question in terms of type of yacht is do you visualize a sleek motor yacht or a beautiful sailing vessel? Do you want a quiet, smooth sail with maybe not as much deck space but the quintessential romance of the sea? Or do you want to go fast while sipping a cocktail in your on-deck Jacuzzi? Everyone has something in mind when they picture “yacht.” Does your image have sails or engines? Does it have more intimate spaces or room for all 12 guests to spread out?

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