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Where and when to go?

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Where and when to go?

Before you can settle on the perfect yacht, obviously you first need to settle on the destination.

At Dreamboats we are specialists for Ibiza and the Balearic Islands. We take yachting seriously and we want to grant you the best possible holiday on board. Besides adhering to the MYBA terms and conditions, we are one of the founders of the local charter association, ACI, collaborating closely with owners and authorities to guarantee safety, legality and excellence in activities relating the marine environment of Ibiza and Formentera.

In Ibiza we have a selection of over 200 yachts, that we each survey at the beginning of the season to make sure that our standards are met at all times. It is extremely important to us, that both the legal and as well the quality criteria are fulfilled. In Ibiza we are your eyes on the ground and we are available on site.

Nevertheless you might want to explore the world, and there is nothing better than discovering new horizons from the sea. Different yachts are based in different locations and usually move throughout the year. Generally the “yacht-migration-circle” is the Mediterranean in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter.

Maybe you are thinking about visiting the Cannes Film Festival or watching the Formula One GP in Monaco from a first line seat. Or do you prefer watersports and snorkeling at Christmas in the Caribbean or the Bahamas? Another options is to explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites besides Ibiza – maybe along Croatia in the Adriatic Sea? Or spend a week in Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Cost. This beautiful coastline will treat the discerning traveller to both culture and nature.

If you are searching for something more unusual, you will also find yachts cruising the waters of Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, New England or maybe if you have a gap in between November and April you could visit the Antarctica – yes, some of the yachts can as well get you Heli-skiing on a Glacier!

The most important part of the destination questions is what do you picture yourself doing? Most yachts carry the basic water toys and tenders for towables or snorkeling explorations, but there is no limit to imagination. Depending on the destination and time of the year you can find on board features such as inflatable slides, submarines or on board cinemas.

Be in touch and our team will find the very best options for you.

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